Aircraft Management Services

Elite Transparent Management Program  

Elite offers a transparent aircraft management program for clients who need a site to store and maintain their aircraft(s). Our program is one of the first of its kind in the aviation marketplace.

What is a Transparent Management Program?

Put simply, a transparent aircraft management program is one in which clients are constantly kept in the loop about the maintenance and activity of their aircraft and all parts and labor costs are clearly outlined.

Elite is not your typical aircraft management company. Our program was developed to give aircraft owners a sense of control when it comes to managing part orders, labor, and maintenance—our program even tracks time when private jets and other aircrafts are used for charter revenue purposes.

Other aircraft management programs mark-up maintenance costs significantly—anywhere from 10 to 50 percent—while concealing the actual costs of parts and labor. Members of our program receive labor and parts invoices direct from the vendor that outlines actual costs.

Our Aircraft Management Services Program can provide all of the following:

  • Operations and crew
  • Aircraft maintenance, and tracking for parts and labor
  • Parts management and price negotiations
  • Owner’s Reports showing actual costs for parts and labor
  • Aircraft certificate options and consulting
  • Fuel discounts
  • Follow through for all major maintenance jobs (c-checks, overhauls, etc.)
  • Elite SOCC (systems operations control center)
  • In-house weather tracking and flight following system
  • 24/7 dispatch and operations
  • Interactive online flight schedule for aircraft owners
  • Trip scheduling and notification
  • Hotel and transportation arrangements
  • Media and advertising
  • Marketing of your aircraft
  • Charter revenue tracking

Aircraft owners can tailor a program specific to their needs based on the options listed above. Under our private aircraft management program, you will always know all of the costs associated with your asset. That is what separates us from other aircraft management firms.

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