Customized Air Charter Services

Executive/Business Services

Aviation Services Elite understands that time is of the essence for our executive and high-profile clients—that’s why we offer luxury air charter services and ground transport tailored to your specific needs.

We manage your itinerary from start to finish. Whatever your schedule—whether you have a morning presentation in the Midwest or dinner that evening on the West Coast—we’ll make sure you get there on time and in style . Elite will arrange precisely-timed road transportation in every location to ensure you never miss a beat—simply step out of the jet and into a waiting limo or car. Our executive aircraft charter services provide flexibility, privacy, and efficiency, and our pristine charter jets offer amenities to satisfy the needs of our most discerning clients.

The benefits of our charter air service:

  • Trips are arranged around your specific itinerary and scheduling needs
  • Flights are catered to your choice of meals and service
  • Security lines, commercial flight delays, and crowded airport terminals are eliminated
  • No lost time due to connecting flights and arranging ground transportation—we handle everything for you
  • Improved time management and productivity 
  • Our operations center is available 24/7 to assist you with last minute flight arrangements and any changes to your flight itinerary.

Personal Travel Services

The stress and hassles of a commercial flight are the antithesis of relaxation when you’re traveling for vacation or personal reasons. Whether you need to make a family wedding on time or you’re looking forward to a seaside vacation, Aviation Services Elite will customize an itinerary suited to your specific needs. Enjoy a private flight catered with your choice of meals and service, and avoid security lines, flight delays, and crowded terminals with our customized jet charter services.

Our Fleet: Features and Safety

Our fleet is based in Dallas, Texas and incudes a light jet with intimate seating for up to eight passengers, and a roomy, mid-size jet that also provides seating for eight. Our luxury jets meet all applicable safety regulations and requirements, and all of our captains are Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rated and type rated in their respective aircrafts. Our captains undergo routine ground training and recurrent simulator base training.

Aircraft Management & Maintenance Services

Elite offers aircraft management services for clients who need a site to store and maintain their aircraft(s). You can be confident that your valuable assets are being tracked and maintained with the utmost care when you put your confidence in Elite. Our program covers all aspects of aircraft management, including:

  •  Trip scheduling
  • 24/7 dispatching
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Charter revenue tracking
  • Fuel purchasing 
  • Weather tracking

Elite has developed a Transparent Management Program to help clients retain complete control over their aircraft, its maintenance schedule, and its activity. Unlike traditional programs where maintenance costs and other costs are often significantly marked up, Elite provides clients with actual labor and parts invoices from the vendor for review—you’ll always know exactly what costs are associated with the management and maintenance of your aircraft.

Please call us for more information about our Dallas aircraft charters or with any questions at 888-469-3548. We look forward to meeting your needs.